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 Upcoming Events & Workshops:

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Support & strategies to embrace the summ
Supporting Your Children through a Pande

Interested in hosting a workshop for your organization?

Previous Workshops:

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Interested in a particular topic?

Thinking about hosting a private workshop?

Be sure to get in touch, I am pleased to provide support to groups big or small.

Potential Workshop & Speaking Topic

for Parents:

-What your child is really trying to say through behaviours.

-The impact of clear expectations & boundaries.

-Why won’t the behaviours go away?

-Creating structure and balance for your ADHD child.

-How to set your child with Autism up for success!

-Is your child developmentally ready for potty training?

For Professionals:

-How organization & balance at home can make you more

productive at work.

-The importance of consistency among staff.

-How to address non-compliance & defiant behaviour.

-How to support anxious children.

- How clear expectations can avoid conflict and resentment.

Specialization & Area of focus:

ADD/ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Parent-Child Interaction,

Non-Compliance/ Defiance, Parenting, Challenges at School, Stress Management


Sylvia was a great addition to our 2020 workplace charitable campaign launch at Transport Canada. She spoke articulately about the importance of acts of kindness to our mental health, starting from a young age, and gave some excellent tips on how to help our children develop empathy, for their own wellbeing as much as to help others.


Julie Leese and Anu Marisetti, co-champions

Transport Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign

Transport Canada.jpg

"We have invited Sylvia into our programs to discuss behaviour strategies, and have been extremely impressed. She is articulate, knowledgeable, and both the young children and parents instantly feel comfortable with her. Sylvia is the perfect mix between professional (punctual, prepared) and relatable (provides real-life examples). We are thrilled that she is in Ottawa and available to work with families who are wanting to improve the harmony in their homes. We are confident when we refer her, and can not wait to invite her into more programs and events we have."

Alex McDonald
Owner & Director, Mommy Connections Ottawa


“I invited Sylvia to come speak at Kids & Company because I knew she could help our parents who were dealing with potty training and toddler discipline challenges just to name a few. Sylvia has the ability to pull from her personal and professional experiences to offer helpful, supportive advice with a non-judgemental approach regardless of the issue. Also, she has the ability to make everyone in the room feel at ease and always looks at the positive side of the situation. We look forward to working with Sylvia again in the near future."

Christie White
Manager, Digital Marketing and Events, Kids & Company Ltd.

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