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Success in Steps Program

This 5-month program is ideal for families that have been faced with challenges and behaviours for an extended period or have several areas of concern.


This program is also, suited for parents or caregivers who know they need extended individualized support, more time to implement change, and are ready to take action.

Program details:

One 75 minute in-person session or virtually where I'll learn more about your child's development and challenges, your parenting style, and family goals.

Eleven, 1:1-private consultation sessions via Zoom virtual service over five months.

Month 1

First four sessions occur weekly. We will identify the function of behaviours and look at what is maintaining them.

Conduct behavioural analysis of your weekly, which will provide tailored support and strategies to help you reach your family goals

Months 2-5

Remaining eight sessions will take place bi-weekly. Provides your family time to implement the strategies

Address new challenges that may spring up along the way as you and our child adjusts. Includes time for your child to adjust to new expectations and boundaries.

Eleven hours of dedicated time for behaviour analysis of your 'Personalized Family Log,' which allows me to identify the 'why' behind the behaviour as well as to what is maintaining it so that we can optimize our 1:1 sessions with support and strategies to reach your family's goals.

Customized support and strategies to overcome your child's behaviours and challenges. This will leave you feeling confident knowing that you have a consistent approach and effective strategies for dealing with behavioural issues.

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