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You can read books and attend workshops….


The information is terrific, however, how often have your emotions stood in your way from implementing effective strategies? Or the example they used did not quite fit the situation with your child which had you second guessing yourself or whether the strategy would be effective.

Parent Consulting is your personalized self-help book, customized to your family’s unique situation. With parent consulting services are focused on both the parents and children strengths and needs as a whole, so that the positive impacts can benefit the whole family.

Allowing you to spend less time on challenges and behaviours and more time enjoying your family!

I offer parent consulting & behaviour coaching services in an array of specialties. As I get to know my clients, I tailor my treatment style to the context of an individual's needs.

Area of specialty include:




-Learning Disabilities

The services Success in Steps offers are set packages as to dive deep into your families current situation,

to ensure that you are provided with a tailored plan that not only meets your goals but that takes into consideration your families' strengths and needs. 


I look forward to supporting you and your family.