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Tips on how to support your children to handle peer pressure.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I am honoured to be a guest speaker on a recent episode of Upstanders Unite podcast with World Changing Kids!

Upstanders Unite podcast - the unscripted podcast, where kids talk to experts on a variety of subjects, asking the questions they want to ask, finding out the info they want to know.

With the ultimate goal being to find ways we can work together to make things better.

I had the honour of being the guest speaker, for their fourth episode.

I enjoyed speaking with some fantastic grade 7 students along with the amazing host Lindsey Barr, founder of World-Changing Kids and creator of Upstander United podcast.

This is a great episode to listen to as a family to help our children develop the tools and strategies needed to become strong, resilient teenagers who can deal with peer pressure successfully.

Interested to know what we spoke about, click here to have a listen:

There are many tips on tackling the sometimes tricky conversation of peer pressure with your children.

Sylvia Corzato is a parent consultant & behaviour coach, and owner of Success in Steps. With over 20 years of experience supporting children and their families, Sylvia provides parents with tailored support and strategies to help them understand the 'why' behind the behaviours along with 'what' is maintaining them.

Her mission is to enable parents to be the driving force behind reaching and maintaining their family goals.

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