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Keeping Your Kids On Track

Tips to support you in monitoring your child's educational progress:


1) Log in to your school's Parent Portale (if applicable)

- Here you will be able to see their recent marks

2) Communicate with the teacher

- Often no news means good news

- If you have any concerns, I recommend that parents communicate with the teacher.

- Your chid's teacher will be able to provide you with some insight on how things are going at school, he/she will be able to put your mind at rest or provide you with suggestions on how you can support your child at home.

3) Show interest in their day

- Go beyond asking, 'how was school today'?

- Asks specifics,

e.g. what did you learn in math today?

- Getting very specific is possible.

- If your child receives a weekly calendar or syllabus, this makes it easier.

4) Develop a routine for them to empty their backpacks when they come home

- Check to see if there are any notes from the teacher

5) Review tests and assignments  - Avoid sign and go - Praise them for their efforts and ask them if they are happy with their mark - Ask if they understand where they made their mistakes - If yes, awesome  - If no, see how you can support them

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