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Pick my Brain-Individual 1:1 Sessions

Perfect for parents looking for some guidance and reassurance.


Sometimes picking a professional's brain is all you need to guide, support and reassure you that you got this!

This option is perfect for:

Families that would like to ensure that they are on the right track.

Families that would prefer speaking to someone who's a professional and has real-life experience rather than asking someone who can't relate.

Families that like to be proactive and would like some support and strategies for minor challenges before they turn into something more.

Families that want to share their concerns and receive support in accepting and supporting environment.

*As of April 1st, 2021, all new families must complete a 75-minute intake consultation to best support you and your family moving forward* Here we shall identify family needs and strengths (parents & children, identify the main concerns and goals of parents.

Review parenting values, beliefs and style, while offering you support & strategies during our consultation.

contact me today to schedule your Intake consultation to achieve success in steps
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