Focused Parenting Program

This 4-session program is excellent for any parent looking to solve core parenting challenges.

Discover the “Why” behind these challenges along with getting the answers to what is maintaining them. No more reinventing the wheel on how to deal with them!

This program includes:

 One 75 minute in-person session or virtually where I'll learn more about your child's development and challenges, your parenting style, and family goals. Followed by three additional 1-hour parent consultations packed with tailored support and strategies to help you reach your family goals.

Personalized confidential Family Log, with four hours of dedicated time for behaviour analysis, which allows for me to identify the 'why' behind the behaviour and what is maintaining it so that we can optimize our 1:1 sessions on support and strategies to reach your family's goals.

Action list to keep you on track between sessions

30 minute consultation with external resources is available with signed consent to areas such as schools, SLP, OT, etc.


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