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Success in Steps helps overwhelmed and frustrated parents spend less time on challenges and behaviours and more time enjoying their family.

If any of these sound familiar...

  • Feel like you are at your witts end? Overwhelmed, tired and feeling lost?

  • Are you tired of feeling like a broken record all the time?

  • Is your child's aggressive due to poor/delayed communication skills?

  • Is bribery the only way you can get them to listen?

  • Does your child have a meltdown every time he/she doesn't get what they want?

  • Do you feel like a short-order cook because your child refuses to eat?

  • Has alone time with your partner been replaced with long drawn out bedtime routines?

  • You and your partner can't seem to agree on how to handle behaviours.

  • Unsure & lack confidence about where to start with your child's behaviours?

  • Looking for some support and guidance so that you can feel confident and content with how you are parenting?

contact me today if you want to achieve success in steps 

With a specializing in the following areas: Autism, Anxiety Disorder, ADD/ADHD & Learning Disabilities

My Story

The "Why" Behind Success in Steps.


Success in Steps was founded in 2016 in response to a growing need for a tailored approach to support parents. As a former instructor therapist & intake worker, I saw the need for a place that focused not only on the strengths and needs of the child but of the parents as individuals as well.


By understanding your family dynamics, beliefs, value and challenges, Success in Steps, parent consulting and behaviour coaching helps families achieve their family goals through a multi-disciplinary approach. Supporting you, the parents understand not only the reason or the 'why' behind the behaviour but what's maintaining it as well.


Leaving parents with many 'Aha moments' and plenty of time to enjoy their family time.

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Sylvia Corzato





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P&M, Family of 5, Ottawa

As a parent, I feel more confident to manage negative behaviours - especially in public. The latter is always the most challenging but I feel less guilty because I know that it is absolutely best for my children. An absolute pleasure to work with


S&J, Family of 4, Ottawa

We have made negotiations a thing of the past in our family. We are more confident in knowing not only how to respond but how to listen to our children. We are all much happier as a result. We can't thank you enough!

D&P, Family of 4, Ottawa

We feel so much calmer now as result of your services, things are more we 'as parents' don't fight anymore trying to figure out how to handle the behaviours. An absolute pleasure to work with.

everything is about to be amazing
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