Your child is the identified client

Services are intended to address family dynamics and to support the parents by providing them with effective strategies and education on how to develop key areas by turning needs into strengths.

One-on-one parent consulting will provide you the parent with the support and strategies for the most important job any of us will ever have. Creating a positive impact on you and the whole family. If power struggles, bribery, and attention seeking behaviours to name a few are your normal daily challenges it doesn’t have to be that way. The investment you make to improve the quality of life for you and your family is Priceless! Are you ready to re-write your definition of normal?

Behavioural Challenges

This service is ideal for parents struggling with how to handle challenging behaviours, such as tantrums, hitting, biting, mealtime battles, morning and bedtime routines, non-compliance and more. We help you to develop positive discipline strategies that enable you to stop problem behaviours without compromising your relationship to your child or his/her self-esteem.

Success In Steps is recognized by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services as eligible services for purchase with the additional direct funding described in the guidelines as it is focused on behavioural services and supports to bridge children to the new Ontario Autism Program.
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Potty Training

This package is perfect for parents that has a child that is developmentally ready to be potty trained but are already facing some challenges and would like to have fewer accidents and less struggles and behaviours.
We begin with tracking current progress and then move onto setting your child up for success with a customized social story. This program is designed to help you teach your child what is expected of him/her before tackling potty training. By using this method you will teach your child how to listen to their body, become independent, and celebrate this wonderful milestone!

Detailed intake - 60 minute Followed by a personalized Social Story Personalized potty training plan 3 - 20 minute follow up calls to be used anytime throughout our time working together Unlimited email support, will respond to all emails once per day.

**If you would like to have this consultation in the comfort of your own home, we can travel to you for an additional $85. 

Additional fees may apply for distances beyond 40 kilometres, By Virtual Service or Phone
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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Workshop & Speaking Topics for Parents: -What your child is really trying to say through behaviours.
-The impact of clear expectations & boundaries.
-Why won’t the behaviours go away?
-Creating structure and balance for your ADHD child.
-How to set your child with Autism up for success!
-Is your child developmentally ready for potty training?

Workshop & Speaking Topics for Professionals:
I am available to speak to your group or organization on topics related to behavioural challenges.

Possible Topics: (but not limited to)
-How organization & balance at home can make you more productive at work.
-The importance of consistency among staff.
-How to address non-compliance & defiant behaviour
-How to support anxious children.
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