Ultimate Result Package

Have a specific problem that’s challenging your family? It’s time to get ultimate results! This package is perfect for any parent looking to solve core parenting challenges, and truly understanding what is fueling the challenges and behaviours. With this package, you will build the effective techniques and skills to solve basic parenting problems so you have a plan when issues rise.


✓ 12 sessions @ 60 minutes offered in person or via Skype or by phone
✓ Customized support and strategies to overcome your child's behaviours and challenges.
✓ E-mail support for those days where you need a little extra guidance.
✓ Action list and session overviews to keep you on track between sessions


✓ We shall start with and discovery session where I'll learn more about your child's development and challenges, your parenting style and your current biggest challenge.
✓ From here we'll customize and initial action plan that will create a positive outcome for your whole family.
✓ You are supported to become the primary force of change for your child.
✓ Sessions will provide practical techniques on how you can encourage positive behaviour, increase overall compliance, problem solve and maintain family organization and balance.
✓ We adapt the process to your own pace, needs and what shows up for you along the way.

This program is for you if you..

✓ Want to address your child and family’s unique strength and needs, at home or out in the community.
✓ Want your family organization and balance to improve.
✓ Seek for your day to day life to be calmer.
✓ You will resolve ongoing parenting challenges with effective strategies that will reduce undesirable behaviours.
✓ Want your child to be more independent, accountable and productive.
✓ Want to gain insight into your own triggers and how they influence your parenting.
✓ Want to feel more confident and in control.
✓ Would like to learn how to be fair and consistent with set objectives.
✓ You desire to feel more empowered with a new set of skills and techniques.

Specializing In:

✓ Defiant Behaviour
✓ Non-Compliance
✓ Autism
✓ Anxiety
✓ Learning Disabilities

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